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Humboldt Rifle & Pistol Club

Supporting The Shooting Sports in Humboldt, Iowa Since 1958.
Affiliated with NRA and CMP and promoting a safe shooting environment
for our members and youth.


Outdoor Range is OPEN!
Sunrise to Sundown. Don't drive in if it's muddy!


Next regular club meeting
Thursday, August 10 at 7:30 pm

We'll meet at the INDOOR RANGE.

Watch the calendar for fun competitive events through the summer. 
If you want to schedule an event, contact a club officer.
All it takes is you getting involved!  There's no reason we can't have a couple club matches every month.
We have NRA certified Range Safety Officers that will be at every club event.


Action Pistol Match Sunday, August 20

Match starts at 1:00. 
This match is great fun!  A mix of steel and paper targets for your pistol pleasure.
Bring plenty ammunition and mags.  You will need about 50 rounds to get through the course.
Be there early to walk through the course and get your gear ready!


America's Rifle Match Saturday, July 29.
Mandatory safety briefing at 1:00 sharp!

If you are planning to shoot the match you need to read the Course of Fire document HERE and understand what you will be required to do. The match is not the place to try these stages for the first time.

There are three classes, based on rifle sights: Optic, Dot, Iron
Equipment required: 
AR-15 or equivalent that will allow you to get thru the stages as laid out in COF
120 rounds rifle ammo loaded in magazines.
Sling, either single or double point attachment.
Magazine holders for extra mags. 
Center fire handgun, 9mm or larger with secure belt holster and spare mag carriers. 
20 rounds handgun ammo in two mags.
You will fire from different positions in 10 timed stages. Time limits for each stage are generous, assuming your equipment works and that you know how to operate it.
Match starts at the100 yard line.  You will need to have everything required on your person when you start the match.  Once match starts you will be moving thru the 10 stages of the COF with loaded firearms. With safety of paramount importance, we need your undivided attention at the safety briefing.

Match will run 3 shooters at a time so if you are sharing guns you will just need to be on different relays. We will do a short briefing before each stage so you don’t have to remember beyond what is happening on the next stage.
Questions, contact Gerry West: gerwest@goldfieldaccess.net or 515-332-5853 evenings


.22 Silhouette Match Sunday, August 6, 1 pm

This is a fun (OK, it's very humbling) event for anybody with a .22 rifle. You'll shoot steel targets at 40, 60, 80 and 100 yards.  All shots fired from unsupported, standing position. You're scored on the number of targets you knock over. 

It's a great lesson in the trajectory arc of .22 rimfire ballistics. Get your rifle sighted in, then study how much "hold over" you need to hit at differing ranges.  Start practicing now! 




Check the club calendar 
for scheduled events.
If you want something added to the calendar, email pstorr@ncn.net



See info at these web sites:

NRA Basic Pistol Instruction
Our club has several NRA Certified Pistol Instructors:  Gerry West, Pat Storr, Bill Holden, Jim Mertz, Kerri Mertz, Les Bacon, Phil McLaren, Doug Bacon, Kent Stern,  Tim Vought, Chris Brock, Brian Ernst, are all certified to teach NRA Basic Pistol classes
If you know of anyone interested in taking a class, contact one of the instructors.

2017 Officers:   
Bill Holden
- President
Jerod Hatcher
- Vice president
Secretary - Phil McLaren

Treasurer - Gerry West

WEB SITE SUGGESTIONS?   If you see any corrections or want anything added, please email pstorr@ncn.net.