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Humboldt Rifle & Pistol Club

Supporting The Shooting Sports in Humboldt, Iowa Since 1958.
Affiliated with NRA and CMP and promoting a safe shooting environment
for our members and youth.


Outdoor Range
Will Close For The Season
Saturday, September 30!

You still have time to get your deer gun sighted in, or practice for rabbit and squirrel hunting!


.22 Silhouette Match
Sunday, September 17, 1 pm

This is a fun event for anybody with a .22 rifle.
It's also a great tune-up for small game hunting season!

You will fire a total of 40 rounds - 10 shots from four different distances, at steel animal cutout targets. Chickens are at 40 meters, pigs are at 60 meters, turkeys are at 77 meters and rams are at 100 meters.
All shots are fired from standing, unsupported position.  You are scored on the number of targets that you knock down.

This match is open to EVERYONE with a .22 rimfire rifle firing normal short, long or long rifle ammunition.
No "hyper velocity" ammo is permitted.
Slings are permitted. No special clothing or equipment required, nor permitted.
Rifles are expected to be of a "hunting configuration" weighing less than 9 pounds.
Any sights, including scopes, are permitted.
You can also have someone present with a spotting scope to assist shot correction.

Bring a friend. Bring your kids or grandkids. This is a "low pressure" match and the pace is leisurely. 
It's a great lesson in the trajectory arc of .22 rimfire ballistics. Get your rifle sighted in, then study how much "hold over" you need to hit at differing ranges. 
Eye and ear protection required for all shooters and all spectators. 

$5 entry fee.   Questions?  Contact Pat Storr - pstorr@ncn.net.


Indoor Range Cleanup
Saturday, Sept. 30, 8:30 am

We need to clean up the range backstop in preparation for indoor season.
This will include replacing some wood and cardboard.
If you enjoy shooting indoors, you should take an hour of your time to help out!


Next regular club meeting
Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 pm

Watch the calendar for fun competitive events. 
Get involved in your club!
If you want to schedule an event, contact a club officer.
We have NRA certified Range Safety Officers as well as NRA Certified instructors.


Two Rivers Indoor Rifle League Starts Soon!

This is a 10-week league. Matches are fired on Monday and Tuesday evening of each week. 
We have 5 "home" matches and 5 "away" matches.
.22 Long Rifle only.  You fire 40 rounds per week -  10 shots from each of four positions:  Standing, Kneeling, Sitting and Prone.  You can shoot with iron sights or scope.  Your scores will be tabulated with other shooters with similar equipment. You can shoot "field" or "match" style rifles.
League fee is $8 to register, then $4 per week. 
Contact Doug Bacon for more information.

Match 1                                                                                      Match 6
Mon Oct 2nd FD Red @ Royal                                          Mon Nov 6th Humb @ Royal
Tues Oct 3rd Humb @ FD Black                                       Tues Nov 7th FD Red @ FD Black
Match 2                                                                                      Match 7
Mon Oct 9th Royal @ Humb                                              Mon Nov 13th FD Red @ Royal
Tues Oct 10th FD Black @ FD Red                                   Tues Nov 14th Humb @ FD Black
Match 3                                                                                      Match 8
Mon Oct 16th Humb @ FD Red                                         Mon Nov 20th Royal @ Humb
Tues Oct 17th Royal @ FD Black                                     Tues Nov 21st FD Black @ FD Red
Match 4                                                                                     Match 9
Mon Oct 23th FD Black @ Royal                                       Mon Nov 27th Humb @ Royal
Tues Oct 24th FD Red @ Humb                                        Tues Nov 28th FD Red @ FD Black
Match 5                                                                                     Match 10
Mon Oct 30th Royal @ FD Red                                          Mon Dec 4th Royal @ FD Red
Tues Oct 31st FD Black @ Humb                                      Tues Dec 5th FD Black @ Humb




Check the club calendar 
for scheduled events.
If you want something added to the calendar, email pstorr@ncn.net



See info at these web sites:

NRA Basic Pistol Instruction
Our club has several NRA Certified Pistol Instructors:  Gerry West, Pat Storr, Bill Holden, Jim Mertz, Kerri Mertz, Les Bacon, Phil McLaren, Doug Bacon, Kent Stern,  Tim Vought, Chris Brock, Brian Ernst, are all certified to teach NRA Basic Pistol classes
If you know of anyone interested in taking a class, contact one of the instructors.

2017 Officers:   
Bill Holden
- President
Jerod Hatcher
- Vice president
Secretary - Phil McLaren

Treasurer - Gerry West

WEB SITE SUGGESTIONS?   If you see any corrections or want anything added, please email pstorr@ncn.net.